Monday, July 23, 2007

Beloved and hated Saints

Many Saints are beloved, like for instance San Antonio,

while other Saints are strongly hated, as for example San Michele.

How can we explain this evident Holy discrepancy? Maybe because some Holy Saints are more prone to Holy Miracles than other ones?

One day an ex-Pope told me that he had a Holy argument with a Holy Saint, and since then he started to hate him.

This could support my hypothesis.

What do you think about this?


Questa è la prova evidente del fatto che ovunque un GUARDONE è sempre in agguato, anche nei posti più impensabili, sempre meno discreto e sempre più fiero di sè.

Solo la SGUFALA potrà salvarci ed accecare i guardoni. Noi, per ora, possiamo chiudere un occhio.

Sbafaro is an impostor, Sguffalo Bill shows the right way

An impostor, named Sbafaro appeared in Urgadinuu in the last months. Unga tugurunda! This is just a bastard swindler! Only Sguffalo Bill is the real prophet of SGUFALA.